Lets FAX it ! Introducing the new age fax machine

Fax has become obsolete now and has been overtaken by other digital instruments,but its utility exists.We have come up with a design through which a person sitting at home can give a print command to his/her printer which is present in the office.

Very often we see that an office boy has to roam about whole day just to transfer money and documents from one place to another. Money can be transferred through net banking similarly documents can also be transferred with the help of our model. What we do is connect the home and office wifi in such a manner that when we send a command ,the print comes out at office even when you are at home.Similarly you can give print command to other offices’ printers also.It is useful for people who want to send hard copy of documents to clients and other offices. Here a lot of time is saved and also there is no work of office boy. In this case,the hard copy which gets printed gets noticed whereas the soft copy which is sent usually remains unnoticed.

Technically, you just need a printer and a static IP. This IP will be used as an identity of your business and all your communications will be through this IP.¬† The printer can be a network printer or a conventional one. If it is a network printer, it can work without any hardware else some kind of device will be required which can host a server like a desktop, laptop, or even smaller cheap hardware like an arduino board. Once your printer is configured well, it is done. All your interactions can be through this¬† newly configured fax machine. No extra hardware required, no additional cost, just a static IP and our same old printer. Great! Isn’t it?




All offices must get this installed for quick,smooth and cost effective results.

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