Saving on the printing hardware- Introducing myownprinter!

We have a general tendency to buy printers. For most of the needs, instant printing is required. You need to see everything on paper, mark them and use it for analysis. The feeling a hard copy gives can never be replaced by a digital one, no matter how much people go around making attempts to save trees and not use paper. Now, shifting our focus back to prints, we can divide our printing requirements to urgent and non-urgent.

Non-urgent prints may be something related to printing designs, illustrations which require very high quality printers. They may also be photographs from a trip, snaps that you might want to gift and so on so forth. For all these, it might not be always possible to go to a printing shop, handover the designs and negotiate the prices. For all such requirements, we have come up with a network printing idea which does all the printing work for you just like your own printer. These printers will be hosted on CUPS linux servers and anyone can add them on their windows/linux machine and send printing requests just like you do. Once you send the printing job, you can track the subsequent processes like completion, dispatch and delivery on the web console as shown in the figure.




Once you get accustomed to the process, we are sure that gradually you would shift all your urgent print tasks to non-urgent by using print jobs on this network printer. We started doing this for our requirements and we know that working a bit on the interfaces, apis and logistics, this may save a lot of unnecessary printer hardware which adds to our gross expenditure. To end the article, we would like to share some of the wall posters we printed for our office with a CUPS based network driven shared MYOWNPRINTER.


 BreakOut  Smilebeforesell  Donthurry



Note : These are some of the lessons that we learnt over a period of one year since we started. Call us if you want to get real framed versions of these designs for your workplace. 🙂

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