No App ? No Worries ! Manage store with spreadsheet

Most of us are sellers in some way or the other. Either we sell it ourselves or work for an entity which sells. At a practical level, a business is almost always about selling something. It may be a product or service. People have, from the beginning, been finding innovative ways to get customers attention. Websites, apps are all byproducts of the selling environment.

We have come up with a simple yet effective platform where stores can share their product list and prices with their customers without even having an app ! All they need to do is enter the necessary details in a spreadsheet and we present it in the form of a link as shown below.This link can be shared through various messaging channels out of which whatsapp is the most popular.

The problem with Whatsapp interaction was lack of constructors. It was always a chat and it is difficult forĀ  a business to adapt to that. So, when we combined constructors and whatsapp, we came up with using links on Whatsapp. You reach them and interact with them constructively through this method. Attached below are screenshots to make it clear.



Once you start getting such links on your whatsapp, it will become difficult to manage these links, i.e, finding them, getting updates etc. To overcome this, we have come up with a single app which accumulates all these links at a place and you can manage all your sellers / stores there.



With this in place, a lot of app development time will be saved as this will be one app for all.

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