No App? No Worries ! Tapping the potential of mobile web

We have made a very simple ecosystem for the merchant and the customer. He takes control over a spreadsheet and manages everything. No need of a database, no server required, no additional coding. The system is so sustainable that you can make it act exactly as per your need. We are hereby listing down the steps that the merchant needs to follow to bring his product list up and shareable.


The trader first needs to put in the required data in a google spreadsheet. Data about the inventory, prices, quantity, discount everything. This spreadsheet will act as his actual accounts. The spreadsheet will have a unique ID (as shown in the fig. below). This ID needs to be copied and sent to the customers by the trader in the form of url. 



The merchant shares the link with all its customers. When the customer opens the link created through the first step,they can see the different products along with its respective price listed by the merchant . From here the customers have the comfort of selecting different items and placing the order. The merchant receives an email of the list of items which the customer has ordered along with the details of the customers which he/she has entered.


This is just the primary feature of our link.You can do much more with the link.There are several features associated with which you can customize the link content as per your needs.The merchant has the option of giving discounts to special customers,the products can be displayed in more than one language by simply using the Google translate feature in spreadsheet.They can also show delivery charges, create invoices, calculate service tax,sales tax with the help of customised add-ons.

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