FUP getting over:Learn how to deal with it using our desktop application – Plugged

Internet speed is not always as good as we would like it to be.Reasons might be many but the effects are same:getting throttled speed.So it goes without saying that internet can be a bit temperamental at times.Now I am not going to argue upon each and every reason but the hefty one which is being dealt with by almost everyone using the internet,i.e,the problem with Fair Usage Policy or in short,FUP.

In most of the offices and in homes too,the FUP gets over in the middle of the month or a week before the next billing date.This causes the users to go through speed crawls or in simple words,low internet speed for the remaining days.

Ever wondered why your FUP is getting over before time?

It might be a user who is just hogging over the bandwidth by downloading movies, a user who is watching youtube videos in his free time,might be a person downloading a large file for his personal use,or a person using ‘peer to peer’ and file sharing software (which might be sending and receiving videos and other large files constantly) ,or someone who tries to update all his mobile apps or some huge softwares, eventually making it challenging for legitimate users to access the internet, especially at peak times.

To overcome this hassle,we bring out the updated version of Plugged(Plugged v1.0.0.4).

How this version is solving the problem of FUP?

Frankly speaking,we can never find a non-toxic way to clear up this problem because users are smart enough to find an alternative .
Rather,it would be easy to simply inform the users about the remaining FUP and expecting them to control their usage for the next
few days.

  • The updated version of plugged will recognize the name of your service provider and will tell your remaining FUP data on the application itself.The users,obviously the concerned ones, might reduce their usage based on the statistics provided by the application.
  • Moreover,the application reckons your data consumption on a particular session.So,for genuine users,this will help them to track their data usage on that session and allow them to reduce their consumption,thereby
    solving the problem of FUP.

So,just Plugged your internet and get rid of the FUP problem.

Digital Footprints – We are already amidst the new revolution

People may look at internet from their personal perspectives. For an average user, internet may be for searching and socialising. For some, it may be just wikipedia and research papers. Yet for some, it may be Deepika Padukone’s cleavage. You may spend all your time on youtube or you may be reading articles throughtout the day. Irrespective of how you use internet, it is a parallel world in the making, a digital one. Just as in the real world, people behave differently, the usage of internet varies across users. The purpose of the article is not at all about how to use internet, but to take the user’s attention towards the imprint he or she leaves on this giant universe, a digital one.


The acquaintance with internet will only increase in future and this will be instrumental in driving the world affairs, may be even in rural parts. The data will be the ocean for the digital world. Let us look at few instances to understand this metamorphosis and find out what’s there in future.


Google Search

100 million new searches every day. The volume growth rate has declined from over 60% in 2007 to less than 10% in 2012 which clearly shows the saturation point of collective inquisitiveness. For almost any kind of query that you have, the answer will surely be in one of the 20 billion pages which google crawls every day.


Phone Usage

Users now spend 198 minutes on their phones everyday compared to 128 minutes of TV every day. Youtube is turning into a much bigger display market than television commercials. The world of advertisement is changing drastically. Views and likes are the new metrics for video’s success.

Twitter and news

The entire news media is shifting from physical newspapers to digital editorials, shareable and always on your fingertips. What people read is determined by their interests and what others find interesting. Physical books are turning into low priced ebooks.

Personal profiles

Social media speaks a lot more about a person than the CV. Everyone is building their identity on a social media, call it their social identity. Some are totaly introvert, but yet they leave their footprints through their work, others are socially very active. In either case, there is a decent amount of profile biography you can get about each one of us.


Product catalog, searching, and payments have become so easy online, that consumers are buying almost everything online. This is only going to grow in future.


Whether for better or not, it is bound to happen. A huge opportunity lies in giving valuable information from this ocean.


Lets FAX it ! Introducing the new age fax machine

Fax has become obsolete now and has been overtaken by other digital instruments,but its utility exists.We have come up with a design through which a person sitting at home can give a print command to his/her printer which is present in the office.

Very often we see that an office boy has to roam about whole day just to transfer money and documents from one place to another. Money can be transferred through net banking similarly documents can also be transferred with the help of our model. What we do is connect the home and office wifi in such a manner that when we send a command ,the print comes out at office even when you are at home.Similarly you can give print command to other offices’ printers also.It is useful for people who want to send hard copy of documents to clients and other offices. Here a lot of time is saved and also there is no work of office boy. In this case,the hard copy which gets printed gets noticed whereas the soft copy which is sent usually remains unnoticed.

Technically, you just need a printer and a static IP. This IP will be used as an identity of your business and all your communications will be through this IP.  The printer can be a network printer or a conventional one. If it is a network printer, it can work without any hardware else some kind of device will be required which can host a server like a desktop, laptop, or even smaller cheap hardware like an arduino board. Once your printer is configured well, it is done. All your interactions can be through this  newly configured fax machine. No extra hardware required, no additional cost, just a static IP and our same old printer. Great! Isn’t it?




All offices must get this installed for quick,smooth and cost effective results.

Saving on the printing hardware- Introducing myownprinter!

We have a general tendency to buy printers. For most of the needs, instant printing is required. You need to see everything on paper, mark them and use it for analysis. The feeling a hard copy gives can never be replaced by a digital one, no matter how much people go around making attempts to save trees and not use paper. Now, shifting our focus back to prints, we can divide our printing requirements to urgent and non-urgent.

Non-urgent prints may be something related to printing designs, illustrations which require very high quality printers. They may also be photographs from a trip, snaps that you might want to gift and so on so forth. For all these, it might not be always possible to go to a printing shop, handover the designs and negotiate the prices. For all such requirements, we have come up with a network printing idea which does all the printing work for you just like your own printer. These printers will be hosted on CUPS linux servers and anyone can add them on their windows/linux machine and send printing requests just like you do. Once you send the printing job, you can track the subsequent processes like completion, dispatch and delivery on the web console as shown in the figure.




Once you get accustomed to the process, we are sure that gradually you would shift all your urgent print tasks to non-urgent by using print jobs on this network printer. We started doing this for our requirements and we know that working a bit on the interfaces, apis and logistics, this may save a lot of unnecessary printer hardware which adds to our gross expenditure. To end the article, we would like to share some of the wall posters we printed for our office with a CUPS based network driven shared MYOWNPRINTER.


 BreakOut  Smilebeforesell  Donthurry



Note : These are some of the lessons that we learnt over a period of one year since we started. Call us if you want to get real framed versions of these designs for your workplace. 🙂

No App ? No Worries ! Manage store with spreadsheet

Most of us are sellers in some way or the other. Either we sell it ourselves or work for an entity which sells. At a practical level, a business is almost always about selling something. It may be a product or service. People have, from the beginning, been finding innovative ways to get customers attention. Websites, apps are all byproducts of the selling environment.

We have come up with a simple yet effective platform where stores can share their product list and prices with their customers without even having an app ! All they need to do is enter the necessary details in a spreadsheet and we present it in the form of a link as shown below.This link can be shared through various messaging channels out of which whatsapp is the most popular.

The problem with Whatsapp interaction was lack of constructors. It was always a chat and it is difficult for  a business to adapt to that. So, when we combined constructors and whatsapp, we came up with using links on Whatsapp. You reach them and interact with them constructively through this method. Attached below are screenshots to make it clear.



Once you start getting such links on your whatsapp, it will become difficult to manage these links, i.e, finding them, getting updates etc. To overcome this, we have come up with a single app which accumulates all these links at a place and you can manage all your sellers / stores there.



With this in place, a lot of app development time will be saved as this will be one app for all.

Railways and Current Reservation – Application of QR code

We have all traveled in a train and those who are accustomed to Indian Railways must respect its operations and scale. A government enterprise which is the biggest operational enterprise in India. Tickets are always a major issue as there is always a dearth. Last moment ticketing is becoming more flexible with dynamic pricing in Tatkal tickets and e-booking of tickets after charting. Now, let me bring the attention to a lot of tickets where the passengers don’t travel and the tickets are sold by Ticket Examiners in upcoming stations. However, these tickets are all sold offline and the passengers in the upcoming stations have no clear information about the availability.

Imagine you are traveling from Kharagpur to Bhubaneshwar and you have not booked the ticket beforehand . Four passengers do not board the train at Howrah  and one seat remain unutilized because only three appear at Kharagpur station. Had you known this fact, you would perhaps booked the ticket online and traveled with assurance. This would have been possible only if we had digital data of passengers and their travel status.


To facilitate such a digital database, we have come up with a QR code based solution which is as follows-
Every ticket which a passenger buys in railways will contain a QR code unique to that passenger. Whenever a passenger boards a train, it is his responsibility along with the TTE (Train Ticket Examiner) to get his QR code on the ticket scanned to confirm that he has boarded the train. If the ticket is not scanned within a few predefined stations then the ticket shall be cancelled, i.e., the passenger will be assumed not to be travelling. The Vacant seats can be made available for current booking (real time) in the following stations.


railwaysAdvantage: This system won’t allow any TTE to issue tickets which happens in current practice. This can mitigate the corruption practices and also benefit the passengers.