Mission and Vision

With Plugged, we want to build a platform which will enable anyone owning a WiFi and Internet enabled device(router) to provide Internet access as a service to anyone with a WiFi capable device(PC,phone) and get rewarded for providing the service.

Who are we?

NYU We are a group of engineers and mathematicians working on the disruptive concept of Wifi commerce. We are solving the problem of expensive, low speed and unreliable Internet access by Telecom companies which is what people are using today. Wifi networks are much better technology as sources of internet, however, it is not available everywhere. If we can gradually shift from using wifi at few places to using it at all places, the problem will be solved.


  • Saikat Saha  (Networks Specialist)

  • Rachit Murarka    (Growth and Sales)

  • Gourab Mullick    (Video Expert)

  • Subhosree Paul   (Social Media)

  • Anjali Jain     (Full stack Developer)


Freeradius Backup Solution

organic Here, we are creating a low cost internet backup system for enterprises which will run only when the primary internet is down. The usage will be restricted by using Radius enabled routers.
Technology Used : Freeradius, MYSQL

Android App for Consumer

jute For the consumer end, we want to take the attention of the user towards the various Wifi networks they are using be it at home, office and find applications around them.
Technology Used : Java, Android's Wifi Manager