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Because WiFi networks are cheap, reliable and fast.

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What we do?

We at Poziom labs are obsessed with WiFi and so WiFi lies at the center of all our work. We think WiFi apart from providing internet access has huge potential to bring in the benefits offered by IoT without investing in additional infrastructure unlike Google is doing with its Beacon project. We want to tap into the overlooked potential of WiFi signals present all around us and use it to tag different points in a city and may be our home , offices, malls and restaurants.

We have been working on using WiFi for file sharing in an enterprise, getting customer data in a cafe and to know one's abstract whereabout by which WiFi one is connected to. Our next big move will be to use WiFi as a location identifier whereby we will use WiFi mac-addresses instead of GPS to map a location.

Our products?

File Sharing Desktop App

A tool for intra office file sharing customised for teams.

ShareURLs Chrome addon

Keeps your google contacts updated with your research by sharing relevant URLs from history.


Plugged Voice Android Addon

Excel sheets are often complex to review and remember. Hence, this app helps you to store voice messages against google sheets.

Customer interaction tool for cafes/shops

Get the data of your offline customers and pitch them right offers

Our public APIs?

Cafe / Public Wifi solution

  • 1. OTP [one time password] based access to all customers.
  • 2. No additional hardware to be installed.
  • 3. Secured and better than captive portals.
  • 4. Send customised promotions to customers

Enterprise Wifi solution

  • 1. Meant for service centres, offices.
  • 2. FUP (Data limit) never gets over.
  • 3. Access restricted to specific important devices.
  • 4. Real time communication among users in office.

Our solutions do not require any change in the network infrastructure. Register here for customised solutions and we get back to you right away. Don't forget to use our popular totally free Windows software.